The Perfect Fit: Choosing the Right Sherwani for Men - A Guide to Flattering Styles

The Perfect Fit: Choosing the Right Sherwani for Men - A Guide to Flattering Styles

The modern groom must demonstrate luxury, power, perfect fit and status when leading his baraat to the wedding ceremony and mandap, or on stage.

In the brief moments before the bride steps into the epic ceremony to steal the show for the rest of the day, all eyes are on the groom and his outfit. There can be many pitfalls for the groom in choosing the right wedding attire.

But fear not, Alag gives you an essential guide to choosing the perfect sherwani for men for men to impress your guests, brides, and most importantly, those creepy wives!


First and foremost, "chat" about color with your fiancée before venturing out on your own. Your sherwani for men  should  be a perfect fit complementing the wedding dress, not the other way around.

Don't doubt that your bride-to-be has thought through a very detailed color scheme before setting her eyes guide on you. The good news is that now has never been a better time to wear colors other than the traditional white and red.

Turquoise, once considered a bold color for the groom, is not considered too bold these days and can be quite a fashionable choice for sherwani for men.

Deep purple, orange, and chocolate brown have appeared in India and Pakistan, adding variety to the colorful groom's outfit.

Basically, anything goes. So be as bold as you can in your "agreed" memoir. 


You should have full control over this one and there are plenty of sophisticated styles available thanks to top designers like alag by ansari sherwani for men.

Have fun trying out different styles to find the one that works best for you, and make sure to choose the style that makes you stand out from the crowd. Wanting to surpass you, this "pretty boy" foreign cousin tries to seduce his own wife. It will go well with party outfits like modern ties and Indo-Western cuts.

These are all things worth considering, but keep in mind that a customer can skip testing and fail - you can't! The words 'royal', 'royal', and 'luxury' should always be at the forefront of your mind. 


The design will make or break your image perfectly with flattering styles. There is a wide variety of designs, from watermarks, embossed patterns to varying degrees of embroidery. If you're tall and thin, a light sherwani for men with a larger print will work well.

On the other hand, if that crash diet doesn't go well and you still look a bit chubby, opt for darker colors with smaller patterns to hide those love handles. Necklaces are where people will immediately look you in the eye, so make sure you have plenty of glitter here. Don't forget to embroider the pockets, sleeves, and back if nowhere else. 

"Grooms usually don't like sparkles but there will be a part of it to complement the bride. The bride always comes to us first, then the groom, so most problems are solved when the bride comes to us. 

Remember, it's not just your wedding; it's a photo session that will live forever in HD digital clouds and be magnified and shown to your grandchildren.  


Invest your hard-earned money in high-quality luxury fabrics such as high-grade silk, cotton, and velvet. No matter how eye-catching the patterns and embroidery, your look will be ruined if the material is flimsy and creases easily. Velvet sherwanis are very popular but the most expensive. However, they will give a strong and majestic look.

There is a misconception that velvet sherwanis cause heat and sweating even in warmer climates. Most micro-velvets are no thicker than casual wear. Silk sherwanis are most comfortable in that you may not even need to wear the kurta underneath. Cotton is a more popular choice that allows for more embroidery than silk if that's the look you're after.


The length of the sherwani will play an important role in your overall look. Try lengths above and below the knee, taking advice from friends and gallery assistants. Use shoulder pads if you are tall and thin to fill you up. Above all, take it easy because the day will be long.

While browsing, always ask if any adjustments can be made. If the length is perfect but the sleeves are too long, there may be a solution. Wear your sherwani all day around the house for a real assessment. 

Does your sherwani stay in good shape when you sit?

It's really your big day to shine, so don't take it too easy. Many guests will be meeting you for the first time, so try to make a good first impression with new members of your family. If you manage to complement each other through your outfits, you'll look better as a harmonious unit than if you wear what's best for you.

Choosing a sherwani is a groom's first step out of being single. Show your identity with consideration for your mate and you'll be ready for the exciting new chapter you're about to begin. Good luck brides!

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