Sherwani Accessories for Men: Elevate Your Ensemble with Classic and Trendy Additions

Sherwani Accessories for Men: Elevate Your Ensemble with Classic and Trendy Additions

On your wedding day, you need to make sure that you are not only complementing your future bride in fulfilling these lifelong vows, but also in your looks and appearance. Yes, dear grooms, you have to be extra careful to ensemble with classic additions to look gorgeous on your special day. And, to do that, you also need to invest in sherwani accessories for men. These traditional and elegant accessories will not only enhance your overall look but also highlight your sophistication and charisma. So here we bring you a list of sherwani accessories for men that every Indian groom must have to ensemble with classic additions. 

Kalgi or Sarpech

A kalgi enhances the beauty of the pagri or turban. This piece of jewellery looks like a brooch but is worn over the turban. You can also choose the one with feathers. Many people prefer to choose pearls or metals with ornate semi-precious stone kalgis. It is one of the best sherwani accessories for men your ensemble with trendy options.


It was a long scarf with tassels on both ends. This piece is mainly worn with sherwani accessories for men. A contrasting color duo is worn with sherwani to complete the look with trendy options. Easy to carry and an integral part of sherwani accessories for men. Dupatta can be worn around your neck or can be worn over the shoulder with one hand around the waist then wrapped around the other. You can also wear matching tops in a color that matches the bride's outfit for an even more complete look with classic additions.


Haar or necklace has traditional significance for many Indian brides, as well as it being a style statement. You can choose to wear a large pearl necklace with a semi-precious stone pendant or opt for a layered pearl look. A layered necklace will have three or five small beads with a pendant or brooch. You can also consider necklaces made of beads and colored beads to match your outfit. It can be a trendy option for Sherwani accessories for men.

Square bag

Square bags accentuate the beauty of Sherwani accessories for men in many ways. You can pair it with your overall outfit or choose a contrasting color to make it stand out and attract attention. Pair it with your sherwani or suit, and it's sure to impress with classic additions.

Jutti and the shoes

Sherwani is an Indian favorite at weddings because it really enhances the look of Indian men. A traditional jutti or mojari with vibrant sherwani will complete the groom's look and can make your bride fall for you.

If you're wearing a tailored tuxedo that's perfect for your wedding, pair it with some chic shoes. A pair of oxfords or leather shoes can be the perfect match. Lace less shoes are more elegant and comfortable. You can also opt for lace-up shoes if that idea works for you. The only thing that matters here is to look good.


You can even pair cufflinks with your Sherwani accessories for men. A beautiful pair of cufflinks in a classy or metallic tone will add a touch of elegance to your outfit. So, for your special occasion, pick up a fabulous piece and get ready to shine.


Another fashion accessory a groom can add to his look is a wristwatch. It speaks to your style and sophistication. A great watch that adds to your look and makes you stand out.  

Also, the most precious thing that will complete your entire look is your smile and your flair. Put on a smile and attitude to steal the show, and you're already a shining star. Now that you have an idea of ​​the accessories, get ready to outfit it perfectly. Your accessories will accentuate your look enough to please your bride.

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