Custom Made Sherwani: The Art of Infusing Tradition with Contemporary Style

Custom Made Sherwani: The Art of Infusing Tradition with Contemporary Style

You may think you know all about sherwanis - those ornate, embroidered coats traditionally worn for special occasions like weddings by South Asian men. But when did you last see a sherwani that wasn’t your standard black or red? The world of custom sherwanis is far more diverse, vibrant, and fashion-forward than most realize. 

Designers today are taking the traditional sherwani and infusing it with contemporary style to create unique looks. From bold colors and geometric patterns to asymmetrical cuts and luxe fabrics, custom made sherwanis are wearable works of art. If you want to make a statement for your next formal event showcasing your personality and sense of style, it’s time to discover the new wave of custom sherwanis. Your special occasion outfit will never be the same.

Contemporary Styles of Sherwani: Blending the Traditional and Modern

The traditional sherwani has evolved to incorporate modern styles and trends. Designers are fusing cultural roots with contemporary cuts and embellishments to create sherwanis that blend the old and new.

Shorter lengths and fitted silhouettes

The traditional knee-length sherwani is being reimagined in shorter, more fitted versions. Cropped sherwanis ending at the hips or thighs paired with fitted churidar pajamas is a popular modern style. Fitted sherwanis made of lightweight, breathable fabrics hug the body for a tailored look. These contemporary cuts showcase traditional embroidery and surface ornamentation while emphasizing the body’s natural lines.

New fabrics and surface textures

Instead of the customary silk or cotton, new sherwanis incorporate linen, viscose, or polyester blends for lighter, wrinkle-resistant options suitable for destination weddings or outdoor events. New surface textures like raw silk provide subtle sheen and texture. Combining matte and lustrous fabrics in one garment or using textured embroidery on sleek fabric creates visual contrast.

New colors and embellishments

Gold, red, and maroon are classic sherwani colors, but new hues like teal, navy, or forest green appear. Embellishments now include beads, crystals, cutwork, print, traditional embroidery, and gota patti work. Minimal surface ornamentation focuses the attention on the cut and drape.

The modern sherwani retains its cultural identity but adapts to changing tastes and lifestyles. Fusing tradition with contemporary style has broadened the sherwani’s appeal, allowing South Asian grooms worldwide to express their heritage in new ways. Blending old and new, these innovative designs represent the continuity between past and present.

Custom Made Sherwani: The Art of Infusing Tradition With Contemporary Style

A custom made sherwani is a work of art that fuses cultural tradition with modern style. To get the perfect sherwani for your special occasion, here are some tips:

Start with the fabric. Choose between silk, linen, velvet, or brocade in a solid color or muted print. Silk and linen are lightweight and breathable, while velvet and brocade are more regal. Consider the season and how formal the event is to determine the best fabric.

Decide on the cut and silhouette. The classic sherwani cut is long, fitted, and collarless, with side slits for movement. For a modern take, you can opt for a shorter, tailored cut or one with a mandarin collar. A well-fitting sherwani should skim the body without clinging too tight.

Add embellishments sparingly. Delicate embroidery, beadwork, or thread detailing at the neckline or cuffs provides subtle decoration without overpowering. Metallic accents or stone buttons also work well for a touch of glamor.

Finalize the details. How many buttons do you want down the front? Do you prefer flap pockets or slanted pockets? Choose a lining in a complementary color to finish the inside. Discuss stitching preferences for the best construction.

A custom sherwani takes time, but the results are well worth it. Work closely with your tailor to create a garment that honors cultural tradition while reflecting your unique style. A custom made sherwani is an investment you’ll treasure for years to come and pass down for generations. Your sherwani will be a showstopper at your special event with the right fabric, cut, and embellishments.


So there you have it. A custom made sherwani can be an ideal blend of age-old tradition and modern sensibility. When crafted by a skilled designer and tailor, it results in a garment that makes a stylish statement while honoring cultural heritage. Consider a custom sherwani if you want to make a memorable impression on your next special occasion. 

Work with a designer to choose high-quality, luxurious fabrics in colors and patterns that speak to your style. Add contemporary details that provide an interesting contrast with the traditional silhouette. The result will be a unique garment showcasing your personality and pride in your roots. A custom sherwani - the perfect fusion of past and present.

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